Leadership & Management Team

InterAct's senior leadership team has a wide a range of expertise and experience in the Engineering and Environmental Consulting areas.
  • Michelle Pasini

    Michelle PasiniPresident, Project Director

    Ms. Pasini has >25 years' experience in the energy sector enjoying a wide range of leadership, managerial, and technical roles. Serving as President since 2010, she is responsible for the company's overall operational, financial, and HSE performance as well as strategic initiatives. In a technical capacity, Ms. Pasini assists clients with property acquisition due diligence, permit acquisition, environmental review (CEQA/NEPA), and development of regulatory compliance and training programs. She has particular expertise in offshore and coastal zone development, stakeholder engagement, and management of large-scale environmental compliance programs. She is skilled in contract management, risk management, and facility decommissioning. Ms. Pasini served 6 years in a regulatory capacity where she processed dozens of oil and gas permit applications, conducted environmental reviews, managed public input, and presented recommendations to decision-makers. These various roles have given her significant insights into working with stakeholders on all sides. Ms. Pasini's work experience spans the Western US, Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, and South China Sea. Ms. Pasini holds a BSc degree in Applied Earth Sciences from Stanford University.

  • Brian Robbins

    Brian RobbinsEngineering Manager

    Mr. Robbins has a BS in Engineering with a Specialty in Mechanical Engineering, including 23 years of experience in oil field completions, wellbore construction and fishing operations. Mr. Robbins has extensive field operations management experience, including serving as operations manager of over 50 employees in multiple roles. For over 6 years Mr. Robbins managed a local operation (Baker Oil Tools) supervising 16 employees, including on and offshore operations. As part of his management duties, he has experience with time management systems, human resources policy and development, and career planning and mentorship of junior engineers and field service employees. Mr. Robbins has completed competency management programs for on and offshore operations, and has worked in quality control, quality assurance, inventory management, and engineering tasks.

  • Harry Barnum

    Harry BarnumPrincipal Consultant / Regulatory Manager

    A respected and licensed California Professional Geologist, Harry Barnum has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He has managed all aspects of oil field development, including reservoir analysis, drilling and facility optimization, waterflood and steamflood injection program design, property valuation, regulatory and safety compliance, training, mapping and field engineering. He has managed both onshore and offshore oil production facilities and has written and implemented spill response programs during his tenure. He has provided scientific and operational support to a local water purification and desalinization company that reclaims oilfield produced water and impacted groundwater. Harry has also completed environmental assessments and managed numerous remediation programs gaining regulatory site closure in CA. He currently serves on the Board of the API Coastal Chapter.

  • Val Lerma

    Val LermaSr. Engineering Advisor

    Ms. Lerma has worked in the oil industry for over 30 years. Her experience includes drilling, reservoir, and production engineering, as well as management. She has worked for both major and independent operators, both on and offshore. She has a BS and MS in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Southern California, and an MBA from California Lutheran University. She served as the Engineering Manager, Business Development Manager, and President of Orchard Petroleum Inc., and Orchard E&P, LLC. Ms. Lerma taught the drilling engineering undergraduate and graduate course at USC for 7 years, and currently teaches various oil and gas classes for both the PTTC and EUCI. Ms. Lerma is on the Curriculum Advisory Board for the University of North Dakota's petroleum engineering department, and is a member of the local API Board. Val has authored and co-authored several SPE papers and is a licensed professional petroleum engineer in the State of California.

  • Jim Chaconas

    Jim ChaconasSenior Drilling Engineering Advisor

    Mr. Chaconas is a California registered professional engineer with over 30 years of experience in Project and Program Management, Oil and Gas Drilling and Completions, Floating Exploratory Drilling and Testing, Collision Avoidance, Urban Drilling Operations, Property Acquisition Due Diligence, Well Abandonment , Economic Analysis / Cost Estimating, Site Assessment and Risk-Based Closure, Regulatory Compliance / Permitting, and Hazardous Waste Management. He is proficient in casing and tubing design for high pressure, high temperature wells utilizing modeling tools such as StressCheck and WELLCAT.

  • Mike Giuliani

    Mike GiulianiSr. Engineering Advisor / Sr. Program Manager

    Mr. Giuliani holds a BS in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa and has over 30 years of experience as a Petroleum Engineer/Manager. He has a proven track record of meeting or exceeding production, capital and expense targets. He has a broad base of experience in artificial lift, reservoir and steam engineering, workovers and completions and has consistently enhanced the bottom line by increasing production and reducing expenses. Those in the industry who have worked with him know Mr. Giuliani as a "get it done" professional with a keen focus on the project objectives.

  • Diane Mandrafina

    Diane MandrafinaFinancial Controller

    Ms. Mandrafina has a Degree in Accounting and an MBA from Long Island University, with many years of experience managing multi-million dollar budgets in Finance Executive and Controller roles in public higher education as well as corporate environments.

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