Well Abandonment Services

The leader in offshore well abandonment, InterAct is frequently called upon to permanently abandon or reabandon old or problematic subsea wells. Our project teams typically comprise skills including project management, facilities engineering, drilling, well engineering, cost modeling and planning. Our integrated team and peer review approach ensures that the latest technologies and practices are utilized and reviewed to incorporate the safest, effective, and economical techniques for well abandonment. When it comes to well abandonment, we practice the concept of "do it once, do it right."

What makes us unique

  • Extensive practical and hands-on installation knowledge and expertise in techno-logistical optimization of the well decommissioning process.
  • Experience in undertaking techno-economic evaluations, including risk analyses, of well abandonment options with due considerations to a wide range of uncertainties.
  • Extensive Well Decommissioning experience, including project definition, scope and objectives, environmental objectives, contracting and procurement strategies, logistics and detailed well abandonment procedures, organization and human resource plans, and QA and HSE plans.

Well Categorization Reports, which review well data and propose a well abandonment design based on the well category, i.e.:

  • Category 1: wellhead removal,
  • Category 2: vessel abandonment or
  • Category 3: rig abandonment.

InterAct's Well Abandonment Services

  • Development of Plug and abandonment programs (well P&A)
  • Temporary or permanent well abandonment and reabandonment
  • Subsea well abandonment
  • Rigless abandonment
  • Sump remediation and drillsite restoration
  • Regulatory notices and communications
  • Site clearance and restoration plans

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