Due Diligence Services

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) require an understanding of field operations, asset conditions, regulatory obligations, and environmental risks. InterAct provides due diligence services in support of M&As, preparing technical, environmental and regulatory reviews for acquisition and divestiture of producing and non-producing oil and gas properties.

We assist our Clients in identifying major risks and liabilities, including potential future long-term liabilities that could impact transaction price. We evaluate the effectiveness of current operations and assess the feasibility of future development plans, including permitability and capital cost estimates. We prepare up-to-date decommissioning and well P&A estimates using our in-house experience of decommissioning projects. A project experience and cost database is maintained to ensure our clients receive the benefit of our years of successfully executing decommissioning projects.

InterAct Due Diligence Services

  • Oil and gas field Development Plan assessments, including preparation of cash flow models
  • Facility condition survey and assessments
  • Offshore and onshore facility structural and critical component evaluations
  • Feasibility studies for facility expansions, upgrades, permits or other client based use, including land use.
  • Reviewing local, regional and federal regulations as well as records and relevant studies of operations and environmental conditions
  • Conducting field visits to inspect well sites, production facilities and pipelines for evidence of environmental damages and liabilities
  • Identifying and evaluating liability management needs and options
  • Preparation of Lease Operating Statements, Capital Expenditure Estimates
  • Recommend management options and estimating costs
  • Perform fatal flaw and feasibility analyses as part of due diligence efforts for operators looking to acquire or divest oil and gas properties.
  • Identify environmental criteria that are likely to be key issues and develop mitigation scenarios to improve likelihood of success.
  • Identify long lead items and capital costs for field development

Typical oil and gas properties reviewed and evaluated:

  • On and offshore producing oil and gas fields, both newly developed and those near the economic limit
  • Deep water offshore platforms
  • Shallow water offshore platforms and structures (Caissons, pipeline tie-ins, etc.)
  • Tension Leg Platforms
  • Offshore platform production complexes
  • Onshore tank farm and production facilities
  • Asphalt Refinery and associated oil fields

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