Drilling Rig Services

A recognized industry leader in rig services, InterAct provides a full range of services from equipment sizing and planning to onsite rig assembly.

Rig Mobilization Planning & Oversight
InterAct provides trained and experienced field staff and supervisors to plan and execute drilling rig mobilizations and demobilizations. We offer comprehensive services for all aspects of rig moves, including:
  • Rig selection, sourcing, and purchase negotiations
  • Rig drilling equipment inspection, repair, and installations
  • Rig construction, remanufacturing planning and oversight
  • Platform site structural assessments and modification designs
  • Drilling rig layouts and well site planning
  • Full interface and integration reviews, engineering, procurement, and installation
  • Marine logistics
  • Crane and rigging planning
  • Full “turn-key” rig-up or rig-down operations
Rig Maintenance & Inspection
InterAct can manage rig maintenance programs or provide highly experienced field mechanics and technicians capable of trouble shooting and performing field repairs on all types and sizes of rig equipment, including heavy mechanical repair. InterAct has a proven track record in performing comprehensive inspections and handling difficult repairs. We provide staff to maintain idle rig installations.
Field Technicians
InterAct employs experienced instrumentation and electrical technicians for installation, maintenance, and repair of our Clients’ oil and gas production facilities, including heavy equipment repairs. InterAct can provide qualified field supervisors and technicians adept at:
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Work
  • Pipe & Vessel Fabrication
  • Structural Fabrication Including Field QC Inspection
  • General Equipment Maintenance

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