Oil and Gas Engineering Services

InterAct provides comprehensive drilling, facilities engineering, and construction management services for on- and offshore oil and gas projects. We have successfully designed and managed drilling programs for horizontal and extended-reach wells, deep water subsea wells, urban drill sites, and reservoirs with complex geologic formations. Our team of experienced drilling engineers, wellsite supervisors, and field technicians enables InterAct to deliver comprehensive well services for onshore and offshore projects. We specialize in field rejuvenation, optimizing existing oil and gas fields, production program optimization, and offer comprehensive engineering and operational services to handle your most challenging conditions.

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  • Drilling Engineering Services

    Drilling Engineering Services

    InterAct drilling engineers work closely with clients' geologists and reservoir engineers to prepare cost-effective well designs that ensure maximum productivity.

  • Facilities Engineering & Design Services

    Facilities Engineering & Design Services

    InterAct's engineering services range from planning and design of new facilities to optimization of existing systems.

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