Project Management

InterAct project managers include experienced engineers and operations personnel with a keen understanding of the metrics and drivers for successful projects. They are adept at risk assessment and accustomed to identifying critical-path activities and managing competing priorities. They place a strong emphasis on safety and understand perfectly the importance of cost and schedule control. 

InterAct's experienced project managers draw on oilfield technical and business expertise and extensive knowledge of the offshore service industry.The development of innovative project execution strategies, together with the integration of the capabilities, products and services necessary have allowed InterAct to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

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What does project management involve in practical terms?

Project management involves the leadership and guidance of a project from start to finish, typically through three phases: strategy development, planning, and execution. Risk assessment and control are crucial throughout.

  • Strategy development – the identification and formal evaluation of all the available project options followed by the selection of the best way forward.
  • Planning – involving contract strategy, cost estimating and budgeting, stakeholder identification, environmental evaluation, project permitting, scheduling and logistics and all operating and financial approvals.
  • Execution – covering bid preparation, contractor selection, contractor management, equipment and materials procurement, regulatory compliance, and traditional project management and site supervision.

Where can project management deliver most value?

Projects that present unusual technical or logistical challenges, those that suggest only marginal commercial viability, or those that are located in environmentally and/or politically sensitive areas stand to benefit most from InterAct's extensive project management experience. Alternatively, the project may require greater effort in terms of contractor integration and interface management. The scale of the project is not necessarily the issue; it is rather the complexity of the project: the need for an exceptional execution strategy and the level of management input required.

Who stands to benefit most from InterAct's project management services?

We believe that smaller oil companies with leaner organizations, possibly operating without extensive in-house technical resources, will find our services particularly attractive. However, any oil industry company experiencing resource constraints or seeking to balance priorities and outsource selected business objectives could benefit.

What qualifies InterAct to provide project management services?

In recent years InterAct has forged a reputation for its willingness to tackle more demanding projects and its ability to combine technology from different areas to devise innovative applications, with immediate and tangible benefits for our customers. The company is led by a highly committed management team whose extensive knowledge and practical experience of the oil and gas industry is matched by a sound understanding of service sector capabilities. We are able to deploy people with a thorough appreciation of not only the risks posed by the offshore operating environment, but also, most importantly, the economic challenges faced by our customers and their main business value drivers.

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